Monday, August 30, 2010

Feeling Much Better

Tripp was not feeling so well last week so I took him to the doctor Friday, turns out he had a double ear infection which was giving him the runs which gave him the worst diaper rash you have ever seen! Poor little guy. He is doing much better now...thanks to a wonderful weekend with his Ma and Paw-Paw. Kent and I went to Austin this weekend while Ma and Paw-Paw babysat. Tripp had a wonderful time, he got to go on hour long walks, see the ducks and go swimming! There were also new toys at their house which included a train, Tripp loves to play with trains! Thanks again Ma and Paw-Paw!

Monday, August 23, 2010

No More High Chair

Kent and I decided it was time to put Tripp's highchair in the attic and Tripp couldn't be more excited about that decision. He does so good in his booster chair, he loves it. Yesterday when I told him it was time to eat he walked over to "his" chair and pulled it out. On another note, after dinner last night Tripp decided he wanted to eat ashes from the fire place...he was playing with his truck, which is right by the fire place, and I saw him reach in and grab a handful of dirt/ashes. Before I could get to him he had put them in his mouth. I called poison control and they said it was none toxic and to give him some juice. Since we have had such a horrible/rough month I was more freaked out then I think I normally would have been so I let Tripp stay up late so I could watch him. Turns out, eating ashes is just side effects.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lots of Pictures

Buddies at the park was Jace's first birthday party. Lots of fun but SUPER hot! Someone likes to swing
Who wouldn't want to wake up to this cute little man?!?! He is a mini version of his daddy.

Daddy's little helper. Any tricks to get rid of the paci are welcome :)

Aunt Bethany and Uncle Dave let Tripp borrow this till David is big enough for it. Tripp has a love hate relationship with it. He is at the height where his feet hit the pedals but he isn't long enough to pedal. He get fussy when they keep hitting his feet so he pulls his legs up. He then waves to all the neighbors and won't get off...he just doesn't like to ride it with his feet down. He should be able to pedal within a few months.

Tripp is getting a big boy bed!! Pray he doesn't roll off! We still need a mattress for it so he won't actually sleep on it for a while but it is all set up, with pirate bedding of course :)
Tripp's new toy, he is actually pretty good at it, although the bat is a little heavy. He gets the concept but he usually turns the bat around so that he is holding the big end and hits the ball with the small end. I think it isn't as heavy to swing that way.

Baby David, so cute!

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Life Christian Community School

Tripp will be starting big boy school on September 1st, I am so excited and so nervous. He loves his teachers at Kids R Kids, I pray that he adjusts fast to his new school and loves his new teachers just as much! For his new school I had to buy him a lunch box and a nap mat, those were a lot of fun to buy, and I had him name put on both, too cute. I can't wait to see him carrying his lunch box to school! They actually sit at a table instead of high chairs also, although the table is about 2 feet high. He is becoming such a big boy so fast.


We have had a rough week, just getting to this post from last weekend....

We went to Burleson to see our newest nephew, Luke! He is a big boy, although he doesn't look like it compared to a 5, 3, and 1 year old. He is so cute and cuddly and when I gave him a kiss he gave me a smirk - that is because I am his favorite :).

Here is Baby Luke in his Nap Nanny

Drew walking Tripp around the restaurantMrs Robinson, Dana and Carter came to visit!!! He looks exactly like daddy in this picture!They brought cookies...guess who Tripp couldn't get enough of!! She is his new favorite after she gave him a whole cookie, with his name on it!Play time!The boys wore Tripp down!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Advantages of Being a Tall Child

Tripp can now safely climb off the bed by himself and climb onto the couch all by himself. I love it because I don't have to lift his 25 pound body so much and I am not so nervous about him being on the bed or couch anymore. The disadvantages of being a tall child are the horrible growing pains I think he is experiencing and the fact that mama and dada have to buy new clothes every other day! Daycare confirmed my thoughts that Tripp had recently had a growth spurt. Yesterday when I picked him up they asked me how tall he was, they said that it looked like he had grown again.

Tripp and His Bestie Carter

Dana and Todd were in Conroe this weekend so me, Kelly and Kent went and ate lunch with them on Sunday. I was so excited to see baby Carter, I have only seen him once! He is adorable and Tripp's future best friend :).

Tripp keep trying to grab Carter's toes.

Then he would pet him.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tripp’s First Homework Assignment


Rough Night!

Tripp had a rough night sleep last night, which in turns means daddy and I didn't get any sleep either. We know he has just cut two new teeth and that two more are on their way out, so I am sure that is mostly to blame, but I also think he might be having growing pains. I swear when I looked at him last night he was like 2 inches taller. He went to sleep fairly easily but woke up after about an hour screaming. He usually cries when he wakes up in the middle of the night but it is typically just a whimper...he had tear coming down his face and everything last night. When I picked him up he didn't stop crying either, which has pretty much never happened. He is happy as can be anytime he is being held. So I took him in our bed and he was really restless. Dada them picked him up and laid on the couch with him till he finally went to sleep. When he brought him back in our bed he was wiggly again so I went to the guest bedroom to hold him and sleep. I even let him sleep on a pillow which always knocks him right out, not last night though! So with him crying I went in the living room and rocked him while watching two full episodes of the TO Show, which is better than Family Matters - the show I used to watch while breast feeding. By this time it had been 6 hours so we gave him some more medicine and prayed he would fall asleep. Which he finally did about 4am. I know Kent and I slept a little, I just don't remember sleeping for even an hour and we definitely don't feel rested. Poor little guy, I hope he gets better soon!!! And I hope he doesn't sleep all day at daycare!