Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So, I know, it has been a REALLY long time since our last post...oops :)...

This past weekend Kent's work had a Breakfast with Santa, and Kent was Santa!!! Tripp has been very scared of Santa this year so far but we were hopefully with Kent as Santa that he would be okay, not so much! Tripp would point and say, "HO HO HO" but when he got closer to Santa he grabbed on tightly to my leg, he did not want to see Santa. We had to get a picture anyways, memories. The picture is hilarious, it is a keeper. I can't wait to tell Tripp about the day he was scared of daddy dressed like Santa. Luckily we have a before shot as well.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It was Pirate Adventure weekend at the Renaissance Festival so of course we had to attend :). Ty, Drew,Luke, Aunt Lindsay, Uncle BJ and Ma and Paw Paw came along for the fun as well. It was actually Ma's idea to go, she knew the boys would love it! This place was a little weird but the boys had a great time staring at all the costumes and animals. Tripp surprised us, he wasn't afraid of anything! His favorite were these big giants. He walked back and forth giving them all high fives. The drum Ma and Paw Paw bought him, he loves it! Thanks again Ma and Paw Paw!!! On another note, Tripp now says, Ma and Paw Paw, thanks to daddy's hard work this week teaching him!We had front row seats for the jousting competition, it was enjoyable for adults and kids. I actually I think I liked it because Tripp was having so much fun watching it. Drew kept saying, "hi horsey" it was so cute.
I told Ty I would give him a dollar if he ate this whole thing...he succeeded...easily. I think he could have eaten two more.

They of course had to get turkey legs. I had steak on a stick. The steak was delicious but I don't recommend eating it on a stick if you don't have to, it was annoying.
Family Pic
Tripp wasn't very good at this but he thought it was pretty funny when the arrow was shot.
Baby Luke and Ma
The boysKisses for Baby Luke

Stinky boys getting clean!
Tripp was jealous that Ma was holding Baby Luke so he jumped in her lap to be rocked and held as well. He looks HUGE!

Pumpkin Patch

We are really enjoying Fall and the holiday season thus far with Tripp. He is at that age where everything is so fun for him. This year we took him to the Exotic Pumpkin Patch by our house, instead of the regular pumpkin patch. Here he got to play with pumpkins while chasing pigs and kangaroos and petting camels!!! Needless to say, he had a good time. As did we! I really wanted to ride the camel with Tripp but they weren't doing camel rides for an hour, so we missed out this time. I am sure we will go again soon though!

Carving My First Pumpkin

At my work we have a pumpkin carving contest every year. This year I told my team that I would take ours home to clean it out because I knew Tripp would really enjoy it. He enjoyed it so much he was goofy with excitement. He didn't know how to react! It was hilarious! He wasn't real big on actually putting his hands in the pumpkin, he more enjoyed touching and laughing at the pumpkin.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trick or Treating on Waterway Square

Waterway Square in The Woodlands had a Halloween party this past Sunday. It was super crowded but we had a great time. Tripp had so much fun he was asleep within minutes of getting home and he hasn't even eaten dinner yet! Right when we got there Tripp saw the splash pad and off he ran. I didn't chase him b/c I didn't want to get wet and at first I was upset that he was going to get soaking wet in his costume and we had just arrived. But then I realized the only reason we were there was for him to have fun, so wet he got! He played on the splash pad for so long I don't even remember how much time past. He loved it. I will definitely have to take him back. It is right outside my office.
He also got to play games at the various booths, this one was his favorite. He was VERY upset when it wasn't his turn anymore.
Hayden is the only person that could get Tripp to wear his mask.

Grandma Gerri's Birthday

We all got together on Friday and Saturday night to celebrate Grandma Gerri's birthday. Friday night we went to El Imperial, of course. The funniest part about it was that Kent and I had already planned to go to El Imperial when they called to tell us about going there for Grandma Gerri's birthday...can you tell we love that place!

Grandma Gerri got to wear an awesome sombrero while all the grand kids sat on her lap and helped sing happy birthday.
Saturday we went to eat lunch on the lake, it was a beautiful day and Tripp and Violet loved the water and feeding the fish. Tripp loved the water so much he wouldn't stop looking at it to pose for a picture, this is the best one we got. Aunt Bethany got a great group shot though thank goodness.

Uncle Dan's Airplane

Tripp and I met Ma, Paw Paw, Grandma, Uncle Dan at Hook's Airport the other day to drop some clothes off to Ma for Baby Luke. While we were there Tripp got to have lots of fun playing in Uncle Dan's airplane! While we were waiting for them to land Tripp pointed to every airplane and said, "that?" Captain Tripp

Picture Day

I have been super busy at work and at home, hence, I haven't posted in a long time. So get ready for a series of posts...

Tripp had picture day at school the other day so I asked Kent to spike his hair like he does his hair. It was so adorable! And if you didn't think he could look anymore like Kent...think again...he is his twin! We received the pictures the other day from the school, they turned out great :). Good thing because dada bought a $60 package!!! That is a story for another day though...

I love this picture as well, Kent spiked his hair again this day too as we were going over to Aunt Bethany and Uncle Dave's house for professional family photos. I hope we got a good one of all the kiddos!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tripp's New Stats

At 15 months:
your child is 26.11 pounds, and that is at the 69th percentile for weight.
your child is 33.25 inches, and that is at the 94th percentile for height.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tripp and Noah

I take a million pictures of these two together, they are just so cute when they play together. Last night the weather was perfect so they played outside all night.

This one cracks me up, Tripp looks a little nervous with Noah driving!


Sorry for the picture overload, I couldn't decided which ones I liked best, so I picked about 10 of them :). We went to Austin this weekend, with Ma, PawPaw, ML, Dan, Jack, Cole, Austin, John, Stacey and Emmy to watch the UT vs UCLA game. We had so much fun, even though UCLA won. Looking forward to going to Cali next year for the game! Tripp had a lot of fun playing with Emmy, she was so sweet to him.

Family photos before the game

Front row!! We moved down there after the game. Our seats were great but they got better as the game went on and UT fans were leaving. We were on the jumbo tron, first time ever, it was awesome :)!

Mi familia at the restaurant after the game. It was the perfect place to eat with a party of 15. We had a large table outside, the weather was perfect and it wasn't too loud so we could all actually talk and hear each other.

ML, Dan, Angela and Joel

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tripp and Noah

Last night while we were eating dinner we heard a knock on the door, turns out it was our little neighbor asking in the most adorable way if Tripp could come out and play. I told him yes but Tripp had to finish dinner first so it would be a few minutes before he would be able to play. Noah's mom later told me Noah waited outside the door until she finally went over and explained that it would be a while...haha...so cute. They had a great time playing last night, they love to play together. When we get home from school Tripp will point at Noah's house and want to go over there. And if we let him play outside the first thing he does is walk over there. I love how well they play together, they see each other almost everyday now.

Tripp is filthy in this picture, I know, he had been playing outside for about an hour at this point.

On another note Tripp was bit again yesterday at daycare, on the face!!! The teacher seemed nervous to tell me about it but I think she was surprised by my reaction. Now that my child has bitten another kid I know how helpless the mom feels. I kind of laughed and said, "was it the kid Tripp bit?" Her was response, "well actually, yeah..." I really wish Tripp hadn't been bitten but I really really wish he hadn't been bitten on the face! Poor little monkey. They sent the kid home that bit Tripp because he was older, he had done it before to another kid and it was completely unprovoked by Tripp.