Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trick or Treating on Waterway Square

Waterway Square in The Woodlands had a Halloween party this past Sunday. It was super crowded but we had a great time. Tripp had so much fun he was asleep within minutes of getting home and he hasn't even eaten dinner yet! Right when we got there Tripp saw the splash pad and off he ran. I didn't chase him b/c I didn't want to get wet and at first I was upset that he was going to get soaking wet in his costume and we had just arrived. But then I realized the only reason we were there was for him to have fun, so wet he got! He played on the splash pad for so long I don't even remember how much time past. He loved it. I will definitely have to take him back. It is right outside my office.
He also got to play games at the various booths, this one was his favorite. He was VERY upset when it wasn't his turn anymore.
Hayden is the only person that could get Tripp to wear his mask.

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  1. What a cool mom letting him get his costume all wet! I bet you'd even let him skate on your kitchen floor with sponges! (wink face)